7 Things Every Bride Should Know

Useful Advice and Top Tips from a Wedding Photographer

7 Things Every Bride Should Know

You’re awake.  It’s your wedding day and you have the most superb, special day in your life in front of you.  Your dress hangs on the door of the wardrobe of your hotel room, or perhaps you’re in your old bedroom at your parents’ house, where as a child you dreamt about this day.

And now it’s here.

And it has to be perfect.  Well, as a wedding photographer I know a bit about nuptials so I thought I’d pass on some top tips that, from my experience, every bride should know.

Spend as much as you can on a wedding photographer

It’s not just me who says this.  Wedding planners do too, and they should know.  

Memories fade. Nothing will be more important in years to come than the images that have been captured on your wedding day. Do try to find the best photographer you can.  

I read that many married couples regret not spending enough time finding a professional photographer and that not investing enough was their biggest regret.  Don’t let that be you.

Have an engagement shoot

Why is this a good idea?  Because you’ll be able to put in a bit of practice in front of a camera.  It’s also very helpful for people like me, too, as I can find out more about the dynamic between the two of you.

Think about the lighting on the day

Are you getting married at the Brighton Pavilion?  It’s lovely there, of course, but it’s very red, you know, and can be quite dark inside.  This is no problem, of course, as I’ve got the skills and equipment to shoot images in a low light.   Similarly, if your ceremony takes place at the Bandstand on a bright, sunny day, you may be after some more muted images.  

And, if you’re getting married in the winter, it will get dark early.

Lighting conditions are worth thinking about, so that you can equip your photographer with some prior knowledge before he or she gets started. 

Have a Plan B

The weather. If it chucks it down, your wedding photographer may not be able to take pictures in that beautiful country meadow you’ve chosen for group shots.  

There’s no planning for a monsoon, a snow storm or at the opposite end of the spectrum, boiling hot weather.  

You and your partner may want to think about some alternative nearby locations.  Or even a few large umbrellas! Ask me for some advice here. 

Leave Enough Time

If I could give you one important piece of advice it’s this: on your wedding day, a 60 second minute is more like 30 seconds.  Time whips away and here’s the nub: wedding photographs take longer than you think they do.  Always.  People disappear, children run about, you name it, there are a great many reasons why it’s hard to keep to a strict time schedule.

So, allow more time than you think you will need and let your guests know about it.  And yes, let’s avoid that last-minute rush so allow at least an hour and a half for me to take photographs of you getting ready, with all your bridesmaids, your Mum and anyone else you want close to you before you leave for the ceremony.

Have your hair and make-up done professionally

As a bride you are beautiful.  Naturally beautiful, of course you are.  But…if you want to look at your best on your wedding day and stay looking lovely, a professional make-up artist is a must.

Why?  Because they know how to apply air-brushed foundation that stays put from the moment it’s put on until you take it off.  It doesn’t go shiny or cakey and looks totally natural.  

You need stronger make-up on your wedding day, especially to define your eyes and a skilled make-up expert will be able to do this without you looking over-done.  It’s quite an art.

Let go and trust your photographer

After all this, enjoy your day and put your entire faith in your wedding photographer.  He or she will be able to capture every single special moment without you having to worry about a thing.  

Allow your photographer to do their job, to be creative and to notice the things that pass by in a blur as you celebrate your love to the person you love most in the world.

All will be well.  Oh, and by the way – congratulations!