Andy Kerr Photography offers great head shots, product and promotional images and excellent site visit photographs.  My role is to portray your business in a way that best reflects its core values. Best foot forward, and all that.

Customised business photography offers you total control over the thoughts and emotions that your business evokes in your website visitor.  And yes, people make emotional decisions all the time.  That all important “next step” decision – to contact you or to buy from you – will be down to how people feel

Stock images are good, but savings now could have a greater cost later on, not least in the perceived value of what you offer.

I can solve all these issues, and more.

Commercial Website Photography

Your future customers are making sub-conscious decisions.  Who is this person? Does he or she seem trustworthy?  Is this what I’m looking for?  You could start to answer all these burning questions with a good quality business head shot photograph of you and your team.

Remember, you have a matter of seconds to make an impact on a website.  An inappropriate “selfie” could lead to a bounce rate, where people scoot on back to the results pages in Google.  You’ll get penalised in the rankings for that, you know.

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Site Photographs in Sussex

With a background in civil and structural engineering, I can take exceptionally good photographs of your buildings or your plant and equipment in action. 

I know what’s going on, and my images will capture what you do, how you do it and how your business can make a difference to your target market.

Ad hoc projects

I’d be happy to talk to you about other more random stuff.  If it involves a camera, I can probably help. 

Give me a call. If business matters to you, I can help develop your brand image.