Wedding Pocket Square | How To Fold Your Pocket Square (Without Getting Your Fingers In A Twist)


A pocket square is a great way of introducing your own bit of individual style and a splash of colour to your wedding suit, but for most of us folding a pocket square is not the kind of thing that we do every day.

And, did you know that there are different ways to fold your pocket square depending on the look that you’re going for?

So, to remove a wedding morning frustration (I advise choosing your favourite and practicing ahead of time!) here are five ways to fold your pocket square…

Pocket Square in Suit Pocket

The President, or Square Fold

The President Pocket Square Fold
  1. Fold the pocket square in half vertically.

  2. Fold one side up. How big you make this fold is dependent on how deep your jacket’s pocket is.

  3. Tuck the folded pocket square into your breast pocket so that about 1/4 of an inch is visible.

The Triangular, or Single Point Fold

  1. Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top so that you get two overlapping triangles.

  2. Fold one side of the triangle in. Then the other side.

  3. Place the pocket square in your jacket’s pocket.

Triangular Pocket Square Fold

The Double Point Fold

  1. Fold one side over so that you get two triangles that overlap with one tip higher than the other.

  2. Now fold one side in and then the other.

  3. Place your folded pocket square in your breast pocket.

Double Point Pocket Fold

The Crown Fold

  1. Fold one side in so that you have the look of two triangles – creating two tips.

  2. To create the third tip, fold in one side as pictured above.

  3. Fold in the opposite side and make sure to create a strong fold to create the base.

  4. Place the folded pocket square into your pocket.

Crown Fold Pocket Square

The Puff, or Modern Fold

  1. Pick up the pocket square by pinching it near the center and allow folds to form naturally.

  2. Keep holding the center. With your free hand, gather the fabric together.

  3. Now flip the pocket square upside down.

  4. Tug the pocket square into your breast pocket. Don’t over-think this fold, the fold should look casual and a bit uneven.

The Puff Pocket Square

And there you have it! Why not try all of these out and see which fold is your favourite.

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