Wedding photographer in Brighton and Sussex

With my well-practiced eye for storytelling, I can capture all those crucial moments of your wedding.  That once in a lifetime moment, when your handsome groom spots you for the first time, or when people burst into applause. 

I offer a finely tuned reportage-style photography service for your special day.

What exactly is reportage photography?

Well, let’s dispel a myth: reportage photography isn’t about pictures taken in black and white with subjects not looking at the camera.  It’s not about creeping up on people, or taking sneaky shots.

What is it, then?

For the most important day of your life, I will take a series of images as a narrative.  My understanding of you as a couple, the key players at your wedding, as well as my technical knowledge of composition and lighting will deliver highly personal, enduring images.  

I offer reminiscence, remembrance and celebration. 

Nice chap needed for your fabulous wedding

Weddings, photographers, brides, grooms – what’s important?

People tell me it’s all about TRUST.  Being able to feel totally comfortable with the person in front of you wielding a camera.  And I agree.

Having the correct interpersonal skills on significant occasions, such as weddings, isn’t just important, it’s a must.  People buy people, so getting to know the two of you quite well will be essential.  Is that OK with you? 

I listen more than I talk and although it’s a cliché, I’m a “people person”.  My customers tell me they like my gentle, respectful way of dealing with them.  You, your new life partner and your wedding guests will appreciate my good communication skills, and my ability to read situations and body language.  Yes, even with camera-shy folks and people who hate having their picture taken.

Doing the best job on the day is about giving people instant faith in my abilities.  I offer all these things to you and your partner.

Find out more about how I work, or better still, contact me via this website and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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