Why Andy Kerr Photography?

There’s nothing, but nothing more personal or significant than your wedding day. 

I picture the two of you in many years to come.  You’re relaxing on a cold, dark afternoon late November.  Maybe you’ve got the fire going, or you’ve lit some candles. You’ve got your wedding album in front of you, recalling special memories of the best day of your lives and the commitment you made to one another.

It would be my honour to have played a part in that.

You’re looking for a wedding photographer, so here are just a few reasons to reach out to me:

My approach

I’m told that I’m warm, reassuring and that I put people at their ease.  I read body language well and I’m a good communicator.  Why does this matter?  Because if you’ve been at a wedding, you’ll understand that tensions can run high, with a level of expectation that goes way beyond anything that most of us normally experience.

My calm, engaging presence will enhance the day, rather than add to the stress.  Thank goodness for that.

My style of photography

My pictures reproduce the stunning beauty of film; soft, organic and flattering.  There’s no cheesy filter on my lens and no air-brushing, just a gentle, filmic look that you’ll both love.

The words I think I’d use here are natural, effortless, instinctive even.  Using exceptionally good editing software enables me to deliver images of your wedding that encapsulate the dynamics between light, shade, colour, texture and of course, the two of you.

My attention to detail

I have one chance to take your pictures on your wedding day, and nothing important escapes my notice.  

An in-depth consultation and careful, methodical planning on my part guards against every eventuality. Although I can’t control the weather, there’s always going to be a Plan B should the heavens open.

Customer Service

As your wedding or engagement shoot photographer, I will keep all my promises and meet every single deadline. 

I prefer to speak on the phone rather than email (if that’s OK with you), and I’ll always be one step ahead of you so that you can relax – as much as possible – towards the Big Day.

And the added extras...

Don’t say that I told you, but there may just be a few complementary things to make your wedding just that little bit more special:

  • Wedding insurance. Essential, and I have good connections within the wedding industry who can offer this to you at a competitive price.

  • Poems. Ask me about these – they’re written just for the two of you and customised to your relationship. Bespoke poems! Not by me, you understand, but I know a man who can.

  • Welcome gift. Watch out for a little something from me through the post soon after we decide to work together.

  • Customised luggage tags. For your honeymoon luggage.

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