About Andy Kerr, Wedding Photographer in Brighton

As a boy, I was always creative.  Whilst the other kids got all muddy and messy, I’d be drawing things, painting pictures and generally being the little artist.

Wow, how thrilled was I when my Dad presented me with his Agfa film camera (shown below) complete with a roll of black and white film to use on our family holiday to Wales?  A million percent thrilled, I think!  I was only seven.  I’m not sure that the pictures I took were any good, although my Mum loyally says that they’re perfect!

It certainly ignited the photography spark in me, that’s for sure.

After a career in event management, marketing, and a series of increasingly “serious” jobs, I feel like I’m where I should be: embracing my passion as a photographer, capturing images of brides and grooms on the most fabulous day of their lives.

What can I offer you and your partner for your Engagement Shoot and Wedding Day?

My previous life taught me the importance of good quality and excellent customer service.  These things run through me like the lettering in a stick of Brighton rock.

I’ve got the technical skills necessary to produce great results from the cameras I use, and, as I’ve only got one chance to get things right, I understand lighting, subject distance and perspective.

Importantly, though, I listen to my clients.  I understand family dynamics well, too.  Your wedding day calls for a photographer who can capture the moment and who delivers exceptionally good results.

My approach

You want to enjoy your day, that’s a given.  The two of you need to feel comfortable with a wedding photographer who, let’s be honest, will be no more than a few feet away from you for most of the day.  

I’m told that I interact well with people and that my respectful assertive style is perfectly suited to weddings.  Nerves may take over for you, but there’s no need to worry.  I’ll make sure that everyone is where they need to be during all those stand-out moments before, during and after your wedding.  

Relax.  Enjoy your day.  You deserve it. 

Why not contact me to find out more?  I’d be happy to meet to discuss your needs.

This is where is all started…took this with my first roll of black & white film (I think I was about seven at the time!) Fashion has changed a bit since I took this!