How I Work

Your wedding is ultimately about the two of you.  Yes, it’s also about two families coming together to celebrate your union.  But…you know and I know that it’s about your devotion to each other.  Promising to love, honour and cherish.

And I can capture that.  

Wedding photography is a very personal thing.  That’s why it’s essential not only to choose the right photographer – one with an all-seeing eye – but also for that person to listen, understand and respond to your needs.  Here’s how I work:

Initial, Free Consultation

I offer a complimentary meeting.  This will give you the chance to decide whether you like and trust me enough to take your photos on your wedding day.  It’s as simple as that.

Tell me as much as you can about your wedding. I’ll send you through my proposal and once you’ve settled my deposit I’m all yours.

Planning meeting

For your wedding day, think about where you’d like me to be, and when.  I usually begin with the bride getting ready and normally finish after the first dance, but there’s scope to extend this if necessary.

What about your wedding party?  We’ll establish who’s who and decide the sets or groups of people you’d like photographs of.  I can help you with this if you’re not sure.

Don’t forget that I’m happy to work with your wedding planner.  These people are pure gold and I’m happy to work as part of a team.

Keeping You Informed

Customer service is my Thing, so I’ll make sure that I call or email you regularly, not least in the run up to your wedding to check every little detail.  Nothing goes wrong on my watch.

On The Day

Relax and enjoy the day of your dreams.  I’ll be there right with you, capturing every special moment.

And Afterwards…

Barring disasters, holidays or any other pre-advised situations, your images will be with you within two weeks of your wedding day.  You will certainly be able to see them on a committed date, so start looking forward to it now. 

Premium Wedding Albums

If you’d like to remember your wedding in the most special way possible, I offer a customised wedding album service. Hand-made from the finest leather (or material of your choice) these stunning albums are so sumptuously put together and finished, you won’t be able to resist touching them.    

These premium albums certainly carry a premium price.  However, they’re so sought after that this award winning supplier only deals with professional photographers like me, so they have a rarity value that totally supports their exceptional quality.  I love them and I’m sure you will, too.  

To accompany your wonderful pictures in their sumptuous album, you may wish to consider working with this copywriter, a talented story teller and weaver of tales who would be delighted to accompany my images with words to tell the story of your relationship.  You’ll be preserving some precious memories for those who may come up after you in pictures and words and there’s nothing more special than that, is there?

To find out more or ask any questions click here.