Engagement Photo Shoots in Brighton and Sussex

Honestly, is anything in this world more sensationally exciting than getting engaged?  That electrifying moment when you realise that your life is going to change for ever.

My name’s Andy and I can preserve the excitement and magic of your engagement.  

Engaged couple having fun

Why have an engagement shoot session?

  • Perhaps you’d like to express your commitment to each other and cement your decision in an environment that’s special to you – for example, where the proposal took place. I can capture that happy, elated glow that simply radiates from the two of you.

  • If you’re thinking of booking me to shoot your wedding, then an engagement shoot is THE perfect way to get to know me, and more importantly, for me to get to know the two of you.

  • It’s a prime opportunity to experiment with a particular wedding photography style to see which suits you best. I have the technical skills and knowledge, as well as an uncanny ability to notice everything I need to notice. You’ll be impressed at the range of photographs.

  • Pre-wedding nerves started? Then getting used to posing in front of a camera with your loved one will get you used to being in front of me having your picture taken. No, a selfie on an iPhone doesn’t count! It will help to build trust too – and that’s vital.

  • Lastly, an engagement shoot will reveal your best features: your sparkling eyes, shiny hair of your profile. As your future wedding-day photographer, I can build on that.

Your Engagement Shoot With Andy Kerr

Everything starts with an initial meeting.  This is an hour or so for me to understand what you’re looking for.  Ask me as many questions as you need, I want you to be totally comfortable before, during and after the session.

The shoot itself will last approximately 1 hour in a location of your choice.  As someone who understands colour and lighting, I’m happy to advise you on the location, or it can be somewhere with special memories for the two of you.

After the shoot, I’ll edit up to 20 images for you, and make sure that you receive them on an agreed date.

Start building your memories today.  Contact me to find out more.

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