Engagement Photos | Preparing For Your Engagement Session

Engagement Photos

So you finally got all of the big things checked off of your wedding planning to-do list. Now comes the fun part! The Engagement Photos!!!

I get a LOT of emails asking me the same question; “Is there any advice you could give me for my engagement session?” and lucky you! The answer is, YES! Boatloads!! So get your screen grab ready, you’ll want to remember these…


What should we wear? That is the number one question I get asked about engagement sessions!

Obviously you want to look your best, and you want your outfits to compliment your photos. So, here’s what I tell every single client…

Whatever you do….DO NOT MATCH EACH OTHER, unless you’re going for that 90’s look! Instead of matching, pick a colour pallet that compliments each other and go with that.

Try to stay away from very bright colours, or any loud patters. I suggest this for a few reasons. Loud patterns are very distracting in an image, drawing the attention away from the subjects.

Bright colours do a fantastic job of not only distracting from the rest of the image, but it also casts a nice shade of the colour you are wearing onto your skin. I mean, who doesn’t want a neon pink chin!

Feeling adventurous? Bring two outfits. Lots of people chose to do one fancy and the other casual. I usually recommend doing your fancy outfit first. But to be honest, the only reasoning behind that is that high heels can be a pain and it feels really good to take them off and get into something comfy (so I’m told)!


Is there somewhere that means a lot to both of you?

Do you love bowling? Cafes? Mountain climbing? Think outside the box! The whole reason you hired me was to capture YOUR story.

If there’s a place that’s a part of your story, I want to be there!! If you don’t have anywhere special in mind, I always have lots of great locations that I can recommend!

Most of all... RELAX!

I know - there was never a time in the history of people where someone told someone to relax, and they actually did!

BUT!!! The engagement session is meant for us to get to know each other, to unwind and for you to have some fun in front of the camera.

Take a deep breath and know that the first 5-10 minutes are where you shake all of your nerves out and warm up…after that, it’s party time. I want to capture who YOU are…so have fun!

If you feel yourself freezing up or posing too much for the camera, tell me you need a minute to shake it out. And then literally SHAKE…IT…OUT!!! I’ll even do it with you!

Please note that the images in this post are a lower resolution and therefore less sharp than wedding images that are provided to my couples. This is to ensure that the page loads as quickly as possible on your device.