Wedding Survival Kit | 29 Essential Items Most Couples Forget


A Wedding Survival Kit is a must for your big day.

As much as we would love to believe that every wedding will go exactly as planned, that is simply not reality! There are so many things that wedding couples have to think of on their big day so it is easy to forget a few of them!

Make sure you put together your Wedding Survival Kit well before your wedding day so nothing slips through the cracks. Once you’ve got it sorted it’s another thing off the to-do list!

Wedding survival kit

Wedding Survival Kit

1. Heel Stoppers - These are a must if you will need to walk across the grass at any point throughout the day. I recommend having a set for every girl in your bridal party as well as yourself. There is nothing worse than sinking into the ground in your wedding shoes!

2. Tide To Go Stick - Keep that dress white!

3. Small Sewing Kit – If I had a penny for every time I sewed a button back onto a groom’s jacket I would be rich!

4. Mints - Keep that first kiss fresh!

5. Antihistamine tablets – because you just never know! Having an allergic reaction to something on your wedding day could be catastrophic!

6. Bobby Pins – It always seems like there are never enough Bobby pins!

7 . Tissues – For all the reasons! Check out these bride and groom compact tissue packs.

8. Insect / Mozzie Spray – Having an outdoor ceremony during the summer? Insect bites are super annoying and can kill your mood. They also don’t look that great in pictures! Your guests would benefit from this as well if you have some as they arrive at the ceremony.

9 . Chapstick – No one likes kissing cracked lips! This goes for Grooms too!

10. Antacid tablets – If you will be drinking at all during your wedding day these are great to have on hand. No one wants acid reflux on their big day.

11. Nail Clippers – Because random hangnails are not cool!

12. Hair Spray – When the makeup artist has already left and you have that one rebellious hair that is driving you nuts!

13. Lint Roller – Because snow looks great on the ground, not on your outfit. This is a really great, compact, retractable lint roller to fit in your bag.

14. Sunscreen – Because you don’t want to get sunburn - it’s painful, not good for you… and not a good look for your wedding photos.

15. Oil Blotting Tissues Because you are human and humans sweat. Sweat is not friends with makeup. Have your maid of honor or best man have a few of them in case you need one during your portraits etc.

16. Clear Nail Polish – Keep those nails looking good! Fix a chip and get back in the action!

17. Clear UmbrellaThere is always a chance of rain on your wedding day so plan ahead and purchase enough for each bridal party member. Leave all the tags on so you can return them if it doesn’t rain. Make sure you get a clear umbrella like the one I linked to. Do Not buy a bubble Style umbrella - they will block people’s faces in pictures.

18. Baby Powder – Because sweat is not cool and neither is chaffing.

19. Mini First-Aid KitThis is a big one!!

20. Super Glue – Fix the broken shoe sole etc.

21. White Chalk – If you can’t get a small stain out of a wedding dress you can rub white chalk on it! Magic!

22. Floss – Because the broccoli from the veggie tray should stay on the tray or live in your tummy, not in your teeth.

23. Phone Charger – Because we all have that one person that just can’t be on time.

24. Lighter – Take care of frayed edges on dresses or get rid of pesky strings.

25. Granola Bars – Because you will forget to eat just like 99% of wedding couples. PS. Drinking on an empty stomach is bad.

26. Eye Drops – Bloodshot eyes don’t look good on most people. Clear up those eyes after you shed a few tears.

27. Deodorant – Because someone will most likely forget this and you don’t want to smell them all day. Get a ‘stain free’ one if you can.

28. Paracetamol - Easy on the stomach and relieves pain.

29. Power bank (don't forget to take the lead with you!) - Just in case you don’t have easy access to a plug socket for your phone charger.

So there you have it!

29 Things Most Wedding Couples Forget!

Put together your wedding survival kit and get another thing off of your to-do list!

I have 2 more quicks tips for you

1) If you haven’t done so already, make sure you sign up for an Amazon Wedding List This is an awesome way to be able to add things you may want or need from any store.

2) If you don’t already, you may want to get an Amazon Prime Account if you will be ordering a lot of things for your wedding day. Returns are easy and most things have FREE next-day shipping.