Wedding Dresses | 3 Tips To Prepare For Wedding Dress Shopping (Don't Get Overwhelmed)

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3 Tips to Prepare For Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dresses come in so many different styles that it can be hard to decide which one is right for you on your big day. Here are 3 top tips on how to prepare for your wedding dress shopping…

Lace wedding dress

Before You Get Started

Take into consideration your venue if you have already chosen it. A dress chosen for a city ballroom wedding may be considerably different then a dress you would choose for a whimsical woodland theme wedding.

Spend time sorting through Pinterest , bridal magazines or websites to see if you have a clearer picture of what styles you’re most interested in.

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Start Early

It’s never really too early to start trying on dresses to find out what styles you prefer but when you find the dress it’s time to stop shopping. There are many other aspects of planning that need to be done after you select your dress which will set the tone for flowers, invitations, table décor etc.

We recommend leaving yourself at a minimum six to eight months of time to place your order and have your dress altered.

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Trying on Wedding Dresses

Most Bridal shops work by appointment so that you can spend as much time as needed and have undivided attention .

Limiting your entourage to a few of your closest family members and friends will help you hear yourself think and not just everyone else’s opinions.

Be open to trying on other style dresses, many gowns look much different on than on the rack, and if you don’t like it you just try on the next dress, no harm done. More often than not brides choose dresses that are the opposite of what they initially were envisioning.

Don’t get discouraged or set expectations on yourself that may not happen. Not everyone has that magical “aha” moment immediately, sometimes it takes going back through the top contender dresses and seeing it on again with accessories to help you envision your complete look. Some brides have a hard time with decision making in all aspects of planning and that’s ok! This is probably the most important day and decisions you have made for something and it’s ok to sleep on it and give yourself the time you need to feel sure about your choice.


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