Wedding Invitations | Top 3 Things You Should Know (Avoid Costly Mistakes)

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When you start thinking about wedding invitations, it’s easy to get excited, overwhelmed and back again!

So here are three top tips you should know before you purchase your wedding invitations to avoid making what could be costly and disappointing mistakes…


Wedding Invitations | Top 3 Things You Should Know


Count addresses, not guests. Many guests are coupled. Always add 25 extra for singles and last minute additions. If you are short invitations and need to reorder, it can be very costly. It is much less expensive to order extra in the initial order then to reorder after the fact.


Before your wedding suite is printed, make sure that you receive and see a digital proof to scale and in colour. Borrow a tip from copy editors and read the proof word for word from RIGHT to LEFT so you don’t accidentally gloss over mistakes. Read names, dates, and times all very carefully. Have others read it as well. Once you sign off, any costs incurred in reprinting due to missed errors are your responsibility!

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Hand calligraphy is so elegant and makes an absolutely beautiful first impression. You will most likely never have anything hand drawn again in your lifetime, so splurge on it for the wedding! You do not want your invite supplier’s hard work to be delivered looking like a corporate mailing to your guest’s letterbox! At the minimum, opt for computerized calligraphy, which is laser printed and more cost-effective if hand calligraphy isn’t in your budget.


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